A little history...

Louise de Savoie, born September 11, 1476 at the Château de Pont-d'Ain and died September 22, 1531 at Grez-sur-Loing, princess of the ducal house of Savoy, was the mother of François I , the emblematic king of the French Renaissance.

François I (1494 – 1547), was crowned King of France on January 25, 1515 in Reims Cathedral.

He reigned until his death in 1547. Son of Charles of Angoulême and Louise of Savoy. Francis I was a relentless builder and spent lavishly on the construction of new buildings. He continued the work of his predecessors at the Château d'Amboise, but especially at the Château de Blois.

Through work lasting ten years, he added two new wings to the latter, one of which houses the famous staircase, and modernized its interior with woodwork and decorations based on arabesques specific to the new Italian fashion.

At the start of his reign, he began construction of the Château de Chambord on a hunting estate acquired by Louis XII.

Although Leonardo da Vinci probably participated in his plans, as well as the Italian architect Boccador, Chambord remains a Renaissance castle very anchored in the heritage of French medieval architecture.